Blue America’s Mo’ Better Dem series: Donna Edwards Fundraiser!

A couple of months ago when Bush flew to Seattle to do a fundraiser for rubber stamp hack Dave Reichert, the blogosphere dug deep and helped Darcy Burner out-raise Bush and Reichert. There’s an analogy to be made with Nancy Pelosi headlining a fundraiser for one of these Blue Dog Democrats in Congress, Al Wynn. Wynn has no Republican challenger. Pelosi is going there to make sure Wynn can beat a brilliant, energetic and progressive real Democrat, Donna Edwards. If Donna Edwards were in Congress instead of Al Wynn, Maryland would have one of the nation’s sharpest public policy minds at work for it. And America would have someone who understands what a progressive is and understands that the role of government is not just self-enrichment for officials. Down With Tyranny and OpenLeft both have long explanations. This video Donna’s campaign sent C&L sums it up pretty well:

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