Mike and the Mad Dog endorses Blue America’s Jim Himes

QT only…

Blue America’s Donna Edwards just won her primary against Al Wynn and now we’re ready to see Jim Himes take it to Chris Shays in CT.

You’ve got to hand it to Chris (blogger rage) Shays and the Republicans on this one. They take a non-partisan issue, and turn it into a partisan defense of Roger Clemens and inflame one of NY’s (and the nation’s) biggest sports talk shows “Mike and the Mad Dog.” Chris Russo lives in Shays district (voted for him once) and was so incensed by Crazy Shaysie’s antics that he’s going to help Jim Himes get elected.

Mad Dog: “Here’s the thing about Shays. I’m gonna go out of my way in November. We’re gonna get him the hell out of Connecticut. We’re gonna get Himes in there.”

This is great news for Himes because Mike & Mad Dog own drive time radio on the AM dial in the NY/CT area. Growing up in NY, I listened to the launch of WFAN and I try to watch them whenever I take a break from the blogging world during the day. (which isn’t that often) If you live in the area and are a sports fan—give their show a call at 718-937-6666.


After hearing Shays refer to McNamee as a “drug dealer” and spewing out what can only be described as complete nonsense, WFAN’s sports radio personality (and former Shays supporter) Chris “Mad Dog” Russo saw the light.


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