Blue America launches FISA Whip count call tool: Let them know!


You spoke and we listened. You donated intensely and we are taking action. We’ve run ads and now we’re hitting the phones. Blue America has just launched an interactive tool that will allow you to call your Senator and demand accountability on FISA.

Christy has more:

Blue America is launching a call tool today to help you get in touch with Senators regarding the FISA bill. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to talk with their Senators about the importance of standing up for the constitution, the rule of law — and standing against telecom immunity.

We have been working hard to put together some tools to make your voice heard — and there is more to come today.

This first tool allows you to directly contact Senators to tell them to stand up for the rule of law and vote in favor of the Dodd-Feingold-Leahy amendment. (That’s S.A.5064 to H.R. 6304 which will come up for a vote on July 8th, 2008.) Not only will this tool help you phone your Senators — including connecting your call — but it also gives us the ability to track positions on FISA given your input on what you ascertain during your conversations…read on

Digby and Howie also are part of the Blue America family and will have similar posts up soon. Glenn Greenwald has been a big part of this FISA fight also….We will not back down. Please make your voice heard. We’re all taking part in the process…Thanks for the help.

Here’s Howie’s post


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