Feingold & Dodd Amendment fails on FISA

Their amendment went down. I believe the final vote was 32-66...

Specter's was rejected too.

Here's some voting information. It's just coming out no

Blue America’s FISA dollars at Work: Full page ad at the Washington Post

Check out the new full page Blue America ad placed in the Washington Post today. Thank you all so much for donating to our Blue America/FISA fund so

Blue America launches FISA Whip count call tool: Let them know!

You spoke and we listened. You donated intensely and we are taking action. We've run ads and now we're hitting the phones. Blue America has just la

Update on FISA: Obama, Harry Reid, Calls to Hoyer

Here's a quick update. There was a vote today on the floor in favor of cloture on the FISA bill 80-15, which means there will be 30 hours of debate on

Turn Up The Heat On Congress Over FISA

Run, don't walk...

Christy at FDL has all the pertinent numbers.

There has always been a tension between individual liberty and governmental power.

Blue America’s Steny Hoyer FISA ad

Since we started our campaign to hold Steny Hoyer and other members of Congress accountable for conspiring with Bush against the Constitution, almost

Chris Carney, Comcast and Warrantless Wiretaps

Blue America has been asking for donations to help in our nonpartisan campaign to hold members of Congress accountable when they vote against the Cons

Blue America Welcomes Judy Feder (VA-10)

Our Blue America candidate today is Judy Feder from northern Virginia in the 'burbs outside Washington, an area that used to be dependably Republican

If A Blue Dog Won’t Fight For Our Freedom, We Will

Earlier today Glenn Greenwald, The Seminal and DownWithTyranny did posts on accountability for members of Congress who buckle under to Bush's demands

$45,000 and counting

Blue America's FISA fundraiser is doing incredible. Thanks so much and keep contributing if possible so we can take swift action against the Bush Dogs

Blue America PAC against FISA Retroactive Immunity: Targeting Bush Dogs

Donate if you can to our new FISA page. The Blue Dogs for retroactive Immunity are stomping their feet and writing letters to Nancy Pelosi:

In a Jan

Buh-Bye Scottie

First Draft says that McClellan might be on his way out!

(FD's site seems to be down so I linked to the article.)

Blue America is