If A Blue Dog Won’t Fight For Our Freedom, We Will

Earlier today Glenn Greenwald, The Seminal and DownWithTyranny did posts on accountability for members of Congress who buckle under to Bush’s demands and compromise basic constitutional rights. Part of what makes America great and unique is that no one– not a president, not a Congress, not a multinational corporation– has the right to spy on Americans without a court warrant. After seeing the TV ads and newspaper ads Blue America is deploying to remind Chris Carney of his duty to protect the Constitution, we heard from a staffer in the office of one of the top House Democrats asking us to hold off a little because he felt Carney might come around on this issue. OK, we’re reasonable; we’ll wait– a day or two.

Meanwhile we heard from Eric Massa, one of the strongest Democratic candidates anywhere when it comes to national security. He’s running against Bush rubber stamp Randy Kuhl in western New York. You can rest assured that if he gets into Congress he won’t be voting special extra-legal privileges for anyone. “If it were not tragic, it would be ironic that the Republican minority with it’s habit of fear and smear politics is willing to grant corporate telecommunications companies immunity when they knowingly throw away the very principles of the Constitution that they are sworn to defend. I wore a uniform for 24 years to defend what makes this country great and anyone who acts to destroy our common values is no patriot.” Take a look at the TV ad and if you’re so inclined, you can donate to keeping it on the air here— and to Eric Massa here.


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