Help Blue America Get Alan Grayson’s New Ad On The Air

Alan Grayson is one of the sharpest and most progressive Democrats running for Congress in any district. He was the very first Blue America endorsement in this cycle and he’s been consistently beating the corrupt, Bush rubber stamp incumbent, Ric Keller, in every poll since the primary.

You probably remember that John and I were big advocates of John Cusack’s film War, Inc but what you might not know is that we sent an early screening copy to Grayson’s campaign and he used it in Orlando to help contextualize the Bush Regime’s war in Iraq and profiteering by GOP corporate supporters. Tomorrow, Grayson will be launching his newest TV ad and Crooks & Liars just got a hold of an advance copy.

Take a look and if you like it, please donate to Alan Grayson’s campaign through our Act Blue page. The first ten C&L donors today– of at least $30– will also get a free DVD of War, Inc compliments of John Cusack.


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