Shades Of The Sopranos: Someone Leaves Severed Goat Head At Charlie Brown HQ

Now to be fair, this could have been a Halloween prank, but Jiminy Cricket, what kind of mind thinks of a thing like this?



On Friday night, upon leaving the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign office in Grass Valley, staffers found a severed goat’s head on the front step. [..]

Who in the world would do something like this? I don’t care if it has nothing to do with the election, although putting it at a Brown campaign office obviously makes a certain connection. Authorities were involved in the removal and are looking into finding the perpetrator. If this is politically motivated, it is sad and cruel for someone to involve an innocent farm animal in their personal frustration or anger or derangement. Hopefully, those responsible will be caught.

The photos are more than a little graphic, and are available at Calitics, though I don’t recommend going to the link if you are squeamish.

Sadly, despite being endorsed by his local newspaper against Republican rival Tom McClintock (the current seatholder, Republican John Doolittle did not seek re-election in the face of ongoing scandals), Charlie Brown is behind in the polls. If there are any C&Lers in the Sacramento/Grass Valley area who can volunteer at his office for one last “GOTV” effort, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.


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