Blue America is set to run the Blanche Lincoln-Public Option ads on Wednesday

Start your engines and….we’re off. Awww, some corporate Democrats must be feeling the heat and running to daddy for help. I feel so bad about it.

Howie makes a great point: Did Obama Give Us The Nod To Go After Blanche Lincoln?

The Blue America PAC blogs asked our readers to take a look at the 3 TV spots we made for the Campaign for Heath Care Choice. So far we’ve raised around $23,000 and this is the ad that the contributors picked for us to run in all of Arkansas’ media markets:

Is it OK with Obama that we go after one of the worst of the conservative Democrats– and one of only two (the other being quasi-Democrat Arlen Specter) facing re-election next year– who is opposing his plan to reform the American health care system fundamentally? Well… we think so. According to today’s Washington Post Obama urged groups like Blue America to lay off bad Democrats— but if you notice Blanche Lincoln was specifically left off the list. Obama complained about groups that are going directly to the voters to expose corrupt Democrats Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Arlen Specter, Ron Wyden (I don’t understand why he stuck himself in this detestable camp) and Dianne Feinstein. But the silence over Blanche Lincoln was deafening. Obama must really hate her– as he should, since she has opposed everything he’s tried to accomplish, even after Joe Biden helped her raise a fortune from loyal Democrats for her re-election campaign.

The good thing is that we don’t need permission to run our ads from anybody. You’ve helped make that possible. We’re interested in trying to reform health care and Blanche Lincoln is up for re-election and she’s a member of the Finance Committee with Max Baucus and Chuck Grassley that is looking to cut out the public option. Here’s a little info on what you’ve helped us create with our <a href=""Campaign For Health Care Choice action.

It is a two week flight, starting Wednesday July 8. almost 700 (680) spots running in Little Rock, Jonesboro and Ft. Smith DMAs. These spots are not on the weather channel, either, they are running on well-watched cable channels, like USA, TNT, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ESPN, Food, History, Lifetime – big (for cable) stations.

This is the first wave – second wave will be bigger and cover the Memphis DMA as well.

Thanks once again for helping us out and America thanks you too.


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