Blue America’s new Blanche Lincoln ad: Demand an Up or Down vote!

Blue America just produced a new ad that highlights the many payoffs she has received from the health Insurance industry and demands that she starts representing her constituents who unequivocally support the public option. I’m not much of a NASCAR fan, but you can see that the comparison we use in this ad matches her role well.

If you can, please help us to be able to blanket the entire state of Arkansas with this ad, because for a Democratic Senator to filibuster health-care reform is to become an active member of the teabagger/Republican party. She needs to vote for cloture and give Americans the right to an up-or-down vote and to be true to the will of the good people of Arkansas.

Howie Klein writes:

No, as we’ve been telling you all year, there’s only one weak link worth trying to beat into submission: Arkansas’ corrupt and reactionary– don’t those two terms always seem to find a way of cuddling up with each other?– senior senator, Blanche Lincoln. Blue America has run TV spots against Lincoln all summer and fall and she’s watched her re-elect numbers dwindle down to a place where if a serious opponent– i.e., one with big bucks to buy advertising– jumped into the race, she would lose. She may lose anyway, even though her current opponents would probably do better if they toured together as a carnival show. Yesterday the RNC started trying to push her to vote with Republicans— as she so often does– and against health care reform.

This week Blue America and our friends at Donkey on the Edge have a brand new ad for Arkansas voters to look at– the fourth in our series– and the message is very different from the Republicans’. By all means, be the first to view it– and please consider making a contribution of our Campaign for Health Care Choice page so we can run it deep and wide.

If you live in Arkansas and contact Senator Lincoln, please let me know. Contact me at We need your help and so does America.


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