Left jab of the day by Blue America and Americans for America: Alaska’s Craziest Catch-Joe Miller

THE CRAZIEST CATCH: Alaska’s Joe Miller.

John Amato

Blue America PAC and Americans for America have teamed up once again and bring our newest ad. it’s safe to say that Joe Miller represents the teaBirchers perfectly. They’d rather see working class Americans go bankrupt when they lose their jobs, go without food and medical care when they are retired except of course if they have plenty of cash. Helping every day Americans for Teabirchers is like making Vampires drink holy water. Their insides begin to burn until their bodies explode. It’s too bad because many of the people voting for TeaBirchers someday will have to face the consequences of their actions and it won’t be a pretty site for them, but more importantly it will be hell in America for most of our citizens.

Here’s some of our our press release:

Blue America PAC and AmericansforAmericaPAC.com, two cutting edge Netroots political action committees, are launching a daily video campaign targeting GOP/Tea Party candidates every day from today through Election Day, November 2.

Target #1: Joe Miller, the GOP/Tea Party Senate nominee in Alaska, who stunned mainstream Republicans by defeating Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The PACs’ 1st video – Joe Miller: Alaksa’s Craziest Catch – presents Miller’s radical tea party as part of a parody of the hit Discovery Show <i>The Deadliest Catch</i>.

The script features an announcer similar to The Deadliest Catch, and a fisherman, responding to Joe Miller’s radical policy proposals, shouting distress signals:

– ANNOUNCER: From Barrow to Dutch Harbor, Joe Miller is Alaska’s Craziest Catch

– FISHERMAN: Man overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Say goodbye to crab pots – and hello to Joe’s crackpot ideas.

– FISHERMAN: Reality overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Like privatizing Social Security and Medicare…

– FISHERMAN: Grandma overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: And making unemployment illegal

– FISHERMAN: Women &amp; children overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Joe even wants to reject money for Alaska’s roads and airports.

– FISHERMAN: Alaska overboard!

– ANNOUNCER: Joe Miller. Alaska’s Craziest Catch.

– FISHERMAN: Abandon ship!

Blue America PAC – organized by leading progressive blogs CrooksandLiars.com, Hullabaloo, and DownWithTyranny.com – is raising funds to air the spot on Alaska TV.

We are fundraising to air this ad on Alaskan TV so please do your best in supporting our actions. We’re not sitting around idly while others just complain. Please help us and Meet Joe Miller, Alaska’s Craziest Catch of all. Well, there is someone who might be able to top him.


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