Let’s Help Keith Ellison Save the World!

You may have noticed that the right-wing Hate Machine has decided to take a little energy out of their stream of hatred and calumny usually reserved for Nancy Pelosi, to focus it on Keith Ellison. After all, Keith, a very outspoken and articulate co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus is only 49 and will be in Congress long after Pelosi, 73, retires. Sean Hannity has declared a right-wing crusade against Ellison and spends an inordinate amount of energy smearing him. We’ve tried to have Keith’s back. And Tuesday at 1pm (Central Time), 11am on the West Coast, Keith will be joining us for a live chat at Crooks and Liars. Try to stop by.

The other co-chair of the CPC, our old friend Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), is very enthusiastic of Keith’s ability to give a voice to regular working families. “Keith, above all, isn’t posturing,” he told us. “He deeply believes in and relentlessly fights for progressive values and equality for all. I enjoy his friendship and admire his drive and consistency. He is a real person for these unreal times, and I support him every chance I get.”

Like Grijalva and Alan Grayson, Keith has been a tireless fighter against the Boehner-Obama Chained CPI scheme. He seems almost hurt that Obama would play for the other team on something so absolutely crucial for working Americans.

“You worked hard. You earned it. And Republicans want to dismantle it.

Years ago when people talked about retirement, we thought of it like a three-legged stool: the pension from your job, money you saved, and Social Security.  

But pensions are disappearing, and savings are down. And now, the last leg standing is being whittled away.

In an effort to bring the GOP to the table, President Obama has proposed a budget that changes the way cost of living adjustments are calculated for people on Social Security, using a method called the ‘Chained CPI.’ Plain and simple, this would be a benefit cut, forcing the most vulnerable Americans to dig even further into their savings.

It’s never been more important to keep our promise to American families, and that’s why I’m standing up for Social Security.”

It’s very much in the interest of progressives that we counterbalance the poison from the right and to help make Keith a formidable figure with the House Democratic caucus. Take a moment to view the video of Keith giving Sean Hannity a dose of the cold hard truth on his own Fox program. Is this what you want more of in Congress? Then, please consider helping his reelection effort at the special Keith Ellison page.

We are all in this together,
Howie, for Digby, Amato, and the Blue America team


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