Here’s How You Can Help Build Our Green Coalition

Blue America is working with our allies in Congress’ Sustainable Energy And Environment Coalition Caucus [SEEC PAC], including old friends we’ve helped get elected and reelected like Matt Cartwright, Ted Lieu, Pramila Jayapal, Bonnie Watson-Coleman, Alan Lowenthal, Judy Chu, Ilhan Omar, Jim Himes, Barbara Lee, Earl Blumenauer, Steve Cohen, Raul Grijalva, Jerry McNerney, Nanette Barragan and Katie Porter.

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), chair of Congress’ Natural Resources Committee, told us yesterday that “Within the halls of Congress, no group is working harder than the SEEC Caucus to advance clean energy, climate change solutions, and environmental justice while protecting our air, water, wildlife, and public lands from the Trump administration.” He further pointed out that “This work is powered by a grassroots network of people pitching in what they can to support this critical work.”

Blue America and SEEC PAC have teamed up to raise some last minute campaign contributions for candidates both our groups have endorsed:

  • Nate McMurray (NY)
  • Beth Doglio (WA)
  • Marie Newman (IL)
  • Julie Oliver (TX)
  • Mike Siegel (TX)
  • Kathy Ellis (MO)
  • Audrey Denney (CA)
  • Cathy Kunkel (WV)
  • Jon Hoadley (MI)
  • Kara Eastman (NE)
  • Georgette Gomez (CA)
  • Dana Balter (NY)

Let’s face it, our planet is at stake in November. If we are going to build a better future for this generation and the next, there is no time to waste.

That’s why SEEC PAC and Blue America have endorsed an incredible slate of leaders who will act on this issue. We can’t give even an inch. It’s essential that we expand our green coalition in the House and continue to push Congress to take up clean energy, climate resiliency, and environmental protections.

These green leaders can become Members of Congress– with your help. Will you maximize your donation by contributing to these dually-endorsed candidates today?

The Trump administration spent four years taking a wrecking ball to environmental regulations. They hired oil and gas lobbyists and climate deniers to lead the federal agencies tasked with protecting our air, water, and public lands. They ignored the science while wildfires destroyed communities and hurricanes slammed our coasts.

It is going to take work to repair the damage of Donald Trump. We have to rebuild protections for our environment and ensure climate mitigation is a part of those conversations. We have to reinforce the government processes that allow us to protect the American people from reckless pollution and disregard of science and fact.

Climate change and environmental protection have been among the most important items Beth Doglio has attended to as a member of the Washington state legislature. As a congressional candidate, she told us that she’s “So proud to have the endorsement of SEEC. My Govenor– Jay Inslee- founded SEEC when he served in Congress. As a State Representative, I worked with Governor Inslee to pass landmark policies addressing environmental issues in Washington. We passed a suite of climate policies moving our state to 100% clean electricity, making our existing commercial buildings more efficient and building our mass transit and vehicle/ferry electrification systems. We are on track to meet our greenhouse emission reduction goals in statute. I can’t wait to work with SEEC membership to pass bold transformational policies that make the visionary Green New Deal our future.”

Progressive Democrat Kathy Ellis told us this morning that she’s “running for Congress in a largely rural, 30-county district in Missouri that’s been decimated by climate change and deregulation. Our local economy is almost entirely based on the environment, whether it’s through farming, hospitality, or our incredible state parks and riverways. And yet, over the last ten years, we’ve seen the damage that a climate-denier congressman can have: our farmers have struggled greatly because of intense flooding on their farms, our local economy has suffered as a result, and deregulation has caused great pollution of our beautiful waterways– all while Jason Smith votes against every bill that would tackle these problems. Having the support of SEEC means a great deal to me, as a pro-environment and pro-science candidate. Missouri’s 8th District deserves– and desperately needs– a representative who is ready to fight each and every day for legislation that will protect our environment, create jobs, and tackle some of the root causes of climate change. I’m ready to be that person, and I’m honored to have SEEC in this fight with me.”

Syracuse area progressive Dana Balter was endorsed early on by both Blue America and the SEEC Caucus. She’s a big fan of the fact that the Caucus “s leading the fight in Congress on bold, smart, and strategic clean energy policies. They’ve also played a critical role in opposing and highlighting the dangers of anti-environmental actions taken by the Trump administration. Rebuilding our economy from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic gives us the opportunity to make a significant investment in clean energy jobs– and the SEEC Caucus is working to make that a reality. Their leadership is invaluable, and I am deeply honored to have their support in this race.”

Mike Siegel: “I’m honored to have the support of SEEC and Blue America as we build a broad national coalition to combat climate change and build the renewable economy we need. As a Democrat running for Congress in the heart of Texas, I know how important it is that we take bold, courageous steps to address climate change and environmental degradation, even when those steps require difficult conversations with workers and businesses that depend on fossil fuel revenue. The Texas 10th Congressional District is already suffering from the impact of our fossil fuel economy. We have a coal plant in Fayette County that has been polluting the air and water for 40 years; we have widespread fracking operations that release chemicals into our groundwater and methane into our air; we have a Houston region that has suffered five 500-year flood events in five years; and we have Bastrop county, which was devastated by a massive wildfire nine years ago. These natural and unnatural disasters can all be traced to fossil fuel emissions. Even though Texas is built on a fossil fuel economy, we can’t put our heads in the sand and pretend that change is not needed. I’m running for Congress to build an unparalleled coalition of unions, environmentalists, ranchers and farmers, progressives and activists of all types, to fight climate change, to create jobs in a renewable economy, and to address the legacy of pollution and environmental injustice. Thank you, SEEC and Blue America for your belief and support, and I look forward to joining with you in the days, months and years ahead, for the good of our planet, and for the good of our nation.”

Goal ThermometerIt’s going to take a strong green coalition in the House fighting every day to pass comprehensive climate legislation and hold Congress to account as climate change knocks at our door.

That’s why SEEC PAC and Blue America endorsed green leaders running in close House races around the country. They’re ready to act on climate on Day 1– but first, they need your help to win their races!

If you can, give what you can– split a donation between SEEC PAC/Blue America endorsed candidates today to give these candidates a boost with less than 3 weeks before Election Day.

Thank you!


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