That time AOC told Ted Cruz Sit Down and STFU

Photos: AOC via TNS/Twitterr; Cruz via DPA Picture Alliance, in Daily Mail, UK.

This week everyone learned about the despicable new Congressional Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene when her horrific social media feeds gained national attention. She is a dangerous person. 

This wasn’t news to some members of congress. After being accosted by Greene, Congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted that she is moving her office away to protect her staff and reminded everyone that she has “called for the expulsion of members who incited the insurrection from Day 1. Bring H.Res 25 to a vote.”

Considering Greene has promoted every conspiracy theory in the book and actually called for the execution of Speaker Pelosi, you’d think that expulsion would be easy. However, Donald Trump has backed her to the hilt and the House Republicans have welcomed her with open arms. And anyway, they’re too busy trying to politically destroy the 10 Republicans who voted for Donald Trump’s impeachment to deal with the extremists in their midst.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, the baleful Rand Paul declared the upcoming impeachment trial of Donald Trump to be unconstitutional and 44 of his fellow GOP Senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, fell in line, signaling that they are as devoted to their Dear Leader as ever. Predictably, some Democrats started pitching censure motions and other half-baked measures rather than stand their ground and fight. It’s been less than a month since the violent mob stormed the Capitol and they are already losing their nerve.

Luckily not all of them are willing to turn a blind eye and pretend that it’s business as usual. You may recall that in the past Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ted Cruz made strange bedfellows when they publicly agreed to work together on anti-lobbying legislation. AOC said, “We have an ongoing working relationship and I’m extraordinarily excited in seeing what we can accomplish.”

Last week she tweeted about the GameStop scandal and said that as a member of the finance committee she planned to look into it. The unctuous Ted Cruz, apparently under the illusion that the Big Lie about the election and the subsequent insurrection on January 6th changed nothing, tweeted back “I agree.” He got this blistering response:

Progressive Democrats are not going to pretend that everything is now business as usual. They understand that what happened on January 6th was a violent attack on American democracy and the constitution and they are not afraid to say to Republicans like Ted Cruz that they hold them responsible for inciting it.

As Pramila Jayapal said:
“We must send a clear message that the United States Congress and the American people will not stand by and allow our democracy to be turned into an autocracy; that we will not stand by while leaders on the right incite insurrectionists to launch a deadly assault on our country.“

All members of Blue America’s incumbent list have demanded accountability for January 6th.

If you agree that accountability for treason must be a priority,  you can give them some support by clicking the Blue America ‘Worthy Incumbents’ thermometer on the right.    

Nothing good can be done for the American people if extremists can hold the US Government hostage with threats of violence.

We believe the courage to fight for what’s right is at the core of what makes these democrats worthy of your time and treasure.

Thank you for standing up for democracy and the constitution. 

Digby, for the entire Blue America team


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