Want A Collectible MAGAzine? Hurry, your chance ends Sunday March 13

America’s foremost political cartoonist, Nancy Ohanian, and Howie worked on a new project– the MAGAzine. It’s gorgeous and collectible but… it’s not for sale. How do you get one? Donate at least $40 to any Blue America candidate on this page and Blue America will send you a MAGAzine as a gift. Starting today, ending on Daylight Savings Day (March 13).

As I mentioned last night, I had mixed feelings about that SNL Ukraine skit last night. It was well-done and there were funny bits but it’s a serious topic– dead serious. It gave me a funny feeling when I embedded it… but I did. Joe Ferullo, a former executive vice president of programming for CBS and, earlier, a writer-producer for Dateline NBC, writes opinion pieces for The Hill now and then. He did one yesterday– It’s Time For The Greene-Boebert Show To End

Any time is time for those two hyenas to end their circus, but I’m not so sure if I agree with Ferullo on his exact reasoning. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine,” he wrote, “has injected a renewed sense of focus and seriousness into American politics and journalism. Maybe now, given all of that, the news media can finally completely ignore Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). The first-term GOP legislators are once again in the headlines, this time for heckling President Biden during the State of the Union address.

That stunt is only the latest in a long line of attention-grabbing performances that include setting off House metal detectors, raffling off sniper rifles, and attending an eventwhere Vladimir Putin was cheered and Adolf Hitler praised. Each of these actions was thoroughly covered by mainstream journalists along with the full array of politically obsessed newsletters, tweets and blogs, left wing and right. Greene and Boebert have molded themselves into a caustic version of Laverne and Shirley: a quirky duo dominating the media’s prime-time lineup of outrage. They excel at a publicity game in which everyone wins– except those of us who are exhausted by endless polarization leading absolutely nowhere… For Greene and Boebert, the performance is the purpose, period. Bills they’ve sponsored or co-sponsored include proposals that read like clicks-and-ratings catnip for Twitter and cable news networks: ‘The Religions Freedom Over Mandates Act,’ ‘The Keep Schools Open Act,’ ‘The Close Biden’s Open Border Act’ and ‘The Kyle H. Rittenhouse Congressional Gold Medal Act.'”

Ferullo’s point is that “The U.S and Europe are witnessing a genuine invasion right now. It is not some exaggerated culture war; it is a real war. Rifles are not props in the hands of children sent out as Christmas greetings; they are weapons that Ukrainian fathers, sons, mothers, daughters and grandmothers are using to defend their homes and survive. Russian officials shouting ‘fake news’ can now sentence journalists to 15 years in prison. The least American media outlets could do– as their correspondents risk their lives to bring Ukraine’s trauma to light– is ignore the phony controversies and plastic performances coming out of certain Capitol Hill hallways. Yes, Greene and Boebert are members of Congress. To that extent, they matter. Were they to do something of substance, it should be reported. That’s journalism. But too often they are little more than stunt doubles standing in for the real thing. The media knows this and benefits from it. It’s time for the show to end. Reality has intervened.”

Like I said, hoping Traitor Greene and Boebert shut up is a good idea 365 days a year, but, as repulsive as what they say is… they do have a right to speak. Just like Saturday Night Live had a right to start their show this week what that skit. I could have turned it off.

That said, Nancy Ohanian and I have published a MAGAzine, filled with her fantastic, cutting edge, satirical art work, political in nature. The drawings are fun and funny and some people may find some of them offensive. We’re not selling the MAGAzine. The only way to get it is as a gift from Blue America.

Some of the MAGAzine pages; click on images to go to the ActBlue page.

Who gets the gift? Everyone who contributes at least $40 to any candidate on this page. Don’t split $40 between all the candidates if you want the MAGAzine. Just pick one candidate (or as many as you want) and give him or her at least $40. That’s the signal you want the MAGAzine.


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