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Want A Collectible MAGAzine? Hurry, your chance ends Sunday March 13

America's foremost political cartoonist, Nancy Ohanian, and Howie worked on a new project-- the MAGAzine. It's gorgeous and collectible but... it's not for sale. How do you get ...

Staten Island Is Crying Out For Change, Not Another Status Quo Conservative– Meet Brittany

I grew up 2 blocks from the Brooklyn part of what is now NY-11, the Staten Island/Brooklyn district that keeps swinging back and forth between conservative Republicans and conse...

Florida, Florida, Florida

Florida, the ultimate swing state, has played a decisive role in too many presidential elections. Every single vote counts in any statewide election there. In 2018, Republican R...

History Will Remember The Voices of Resistance

One Step Activism: #ShowTheFuckUp = It's working!

Ted Lieu’s New Bill To Prevent A Pres. Trump From Using Nukes

Ted Lieu knows what it means to serve his country. He wants to make sure morons like Trump never have a chance to ruin it.

Walls, Walls Between Us, and a Chance for Steely Dan History

It will be difficult to find a replacement on a par with Donna Edwards, but Joseline Peña-Melnyk fits the bill very well.

Blue America is