Dom Jones Is Determined To Ensure Basic Human Rights For All

The jungle primary to replace Katie Porter in California’s blue-leaning 47th congressional— Irvine and Costa Mesa plus a storied stretch of coast from Seal Beach to Three Arches Bay below Laguna Beach— has drawn 4 plausible candidates, 3 conservative men (Republican Scott Baugh and right-of-center Democrats Dave Min and Harley Rouda) and a progressive woman, Dom Jones.

On her way to the U.S. Senate, Katie Porter, disappointingly, has endorsed Dave Min, a terrible choice that puts the seat in jeopardy of a Republican takeover. Time and time again, voters have made it clear when offered a real Republican and a Republican lite candidate calling himself a Democrat, they pick the real Republican.

We asked Dom Jones, who has been endorsed by Blue America, to introduce herself to our progressive supporters. Please take a look at how she presents herself and consider contributing to her campaign, either here or by clicking on the picture of her above.

Building Community Unity Around Ending Homelessness

-by Dom Jones

I’m Dom Jones and I am running to represent my neighbors in Orange County, not the special interests and, in the process, to become the first African American Woman elected to Congress from our community. I’m excited to add my voice to the ongoing Democratic congressional fight for basic human rights. Orange County is home to major industries, bustling tourism, pristine beaches, lush hiking trails, expansive sunset vistas, and the palpable and hopeful energy of many generations of Californians.

As a small business owner and active community member, I recognize the importance of ambitious representation. All of us deserve to have legislators on the federal level advocating for our communities. Currently I’m serving as the second vice president of the Democratic Club of West Orange County and the government relations ambassador of the United Nations Association’s Orange County chapter, but more importantly, I’ve honed my political philosophy through a lifetime of hard work, determination, and unique experiences.

In many ways, it’s a miracle that I’m in a position to run for Congress at all. I traveled a hard road to arrive and plant roots in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA (a seaside city within Orange County). My journey started in Compton, CA with my unplanned birth to a 13 year old mother. I spent my formative years facing constant financial insecurity— including bouts of homelessness. Those early experiences fostered a hard earned deep empathy for the plights of those who continue to be impacted by economic strife. I’m driven to help ensure that others do not have to endure the pain of having nowhere to turn and no place to call home. Housing is a basic human need. Plain and simple. America’s aspirational dream of equality for all is a noble cause worth fighting for and it starts with ensuring every child has a safe place to call home.

With experience as my teacher, I see clearly that one of the ways to combat the affordable housing crisis is to provide support for low-income families who are struggling to make ends meet. Programs must include rent subsidies, housing vouchers, and financial assistance to help families pay for repairs and upgrades to their homes. Additionally, education and outreach programs can help low-income families navigate the complex and often confusing world of housing assistance, so they can find the help they need to stay in their homes.

There is obviously a lot of division in our country at this moment. We must seek to unify around basic human rights. The truth is, the high cost of housing affects everyone. It’s leading to increasing levels of homelessness and housing insecurity, with many people being forced to choose between paying for food, healthcare, and necessities or paying for housing. Is this a sustainable way for any of us to live? Do you want to know that your neighbors and community members are safe, warm, and peaceful? Can we really thrive as a nation when so many of our fellow hard-working Americans are struggling to secure basic necessities: food, clothing, and shelter? This is the land of the free and living unhoused, with nowhere to turn isn’t freedom. It is pain, a pain we can heal. We must do everything in our power to make the American dream accessible to all who seek it and for that to happen will require big changes.

Fortunately, we have sitting representatives in Congress who share my priorities and vision. In particular, Congresswoman Cori Bush— who has publicly spoken of her own experience with homelessness— has been a staunch supporter of affirming the rights of the unhoused and pushing for legislation that would meaningfully address this multifaceted crisis. It is my hope that I can join her and other Democrats committed to this fight. It’s both very personal to me and pragmatic. The status quo is unethical and unsustainable.

I know that as the representative for District 47, my duty will be to serve its interests. My motto is “unity,” and I mean very sincerely to always approach each issue in good faith and seek to keep my district’s community functioning harmoniously. As someone who has spent a great deal of my own life feeling invisible, I know the importance of giving voice to all members of the Orange County district I humbly hope to serve. On a national level, with more dedicated public servants in office, I’m certain we can enshrine into legislation policies that uplift all and nourish the generations ahead. Let’s leave a legacy of good, together.


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