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AZ-01, One Of The Keys To Flipping Congress

Arizona’s first congressional district, entirely within Maricopa County, is one of the swing districts the Democrats are counting on to flip the House. Biden beat Trump there ...

Most Important 2024 House Candidate Who National Progressive Movement is Ignoring: Maebe A Girl

Konstantine tweeted this a few hours ago-- for something I originally put out MONTHS ago.

North Country MAGAt Elise Stefanik Draws An Opponent: Steven Holden Is Running

NY-21, the North Country, wasn’t drastically affected by the 2020 redistricting. The district got slightly redder— from an R+14 partisan lean to an R+17 lean. The PVI i...

Pervez Agwan Stands For Justice, Equality And Opportunity

We’re reaching out on behalf of progressive Houstonians who need a congress member who will represent them, not pay for play corporate interests. Pervez Agwan is a progressive...

Pervez Agwan Is Battling Big Oil And $ Head-on, In Their Own Backyard

Today Blue America has endorsed Pervez for the TX-07 congressional seat and we humbly ask you to consider chipping in to his entirely grassroots campaign here.

Dom Jones Is Determined To Ensure Basic Human Rights For All

The jungle primary to replace Katie Porter in California’s blue-leaning 47th congressional— Irvine and Costa Mesa plus a storied stretch of coast from Seal Beach to...

Blue America is