Pervez Agwan Stands For Justice, Equality And Opportunity

Blue America has endorsed Pervez for US Congress District TX-07. Paid for by Blue America, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

We’re reaching out on behalf of progressive Houstonians who need a congress member who will represent them, not pay for play corporate interests. Pervez Agwan is a progressive Democrat is running for Congress in Texas’s 7th district.

Pervez is challenging the well-funded incumbent, Lizzie Fletcher, who has taken thousands of dollars from corporate PACs and has repeatedly sided with their interests over working families.

As someone who shares our values of justice, equality, and opportunity, we’re asking you to consider supporting Pervez with a contribution so that he can compete against the corporate money and win this critical race in a newly drawn super-progressive district.

Pervez is running on a platform of economic justice, healthcare for all, and protecting our environment. He believes that every Texan deserves access to quality healthcare, a living wage, and a clean and sustainable environment. He is also committed to fighting for equality and justice for all Texans, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

As you probably already know, Pervez cannot do this alone. He needs the support of people like you who share his vision and values. That’s why we’re asking you to make a contribution directly to his campaign today. Every dollar counts, and your support will make a real difference.

Please visit the Blue America congressional page to make a contribution today. Your donation will go directly to Pervez Agwan’s campaign, and will help him compete against the strings-attached money and win this election.

Blue America supporters helped elect Greg Casar to represent Austin last year and he’s turning out to be a spectacular leader. We feel we can do the same thing for Houston with Pervez Agwan.

The Blue America Team

P.S. If you would like to get involved with Pervez’s campaign in other ways, such as volunteering, phone banking or hosting an event, please visit his campaign website for more information.


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