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One Last 2014 Ask From Blue America

This is the last time we're expecting to ask our members to contribute for the 2014 midterms. So if you've been waiting... now's the time.

People’s Climate March. Because, Fred Upton.

No Blue America candidate is better on Climate Change than congressional candidate Paul Clements. And he's running for the seat occupied by the #1 biggest enemy of the environment in the entire country, who bottles up all the environmental and climate proposals and never lets them see the light of day.

We Cannot Afford to Lose Jeff Merkley

Senator Jeff Merkley is running a money bomb today and Blue America has promised to help out.  If you can give something to support a real progressive who thinks independently and stands up for our principles even when it's hard, today is the day to do it. 

You Know– Even If Republicans Don’t– Hawaii Is A State

Blue America endorsed Stanley Chang because he's quite literally a progressive dream candidate. This district is deep blue; whoever wins the primary will be going to Congress. Let's make sure it's someone who shares our progressive values. You can contribute to Stanley's campaign here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/blueamerica14?refcode=BACnL

You want populist policies? Elect Populist candidates– like Pat Murphy in Iowa

The only way to change the way things run in DC is to elect the people who we can trust to do the right thing - like Pat Murphy in IA. If you can, please chip in to help get Pat to Washington: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/blueamerica14?refcode=Jan26CnL

Last Blue America Contest Of 2013– And It’s All About Minnesota… And Depeche Mode

Whether you're a Depeche Mode fan or not, please help us make Minnesota even bluer by contributing to Keith Ellison's and Mike Obermueller's campaigns today.

Deep Blue District Finally Gets Candidate it Deserves

Eloise Reyes will commit to preserving the very best of the American promise. She knows how valuable it is. She's lived it. Blue America is proud to endorse her for the congressional seat in California's 31st district and we hope you'll join us by donating what you can to her campaign.

FEC Quarter Ends Today; Should You Care?

If you follow Blue America faithfully, you already know that SOME "asks" are worth giving too, a LOT of them aren't. This one is by definition certainly the former! Why? Because "Alan Grayson!"

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