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Live Blog: $10,000 Crooks And Liars Matching Fund For Debbie Cook

Gus Ayer was the Mayor of Fountain Valley in Orange County when he first became a good friend of Blue America's. Today he's a senior advisor to Debbi

Debbie Cook and Crooks & Liars Offer Jackson Browne Tickets

We didn't make a big fuss about raising money "at the end of the quarter" like everybody else did. You were probably inundated with requests from ev

Help Blue America Award A $5,000 Check– And Join Us For Lunch With Darcy Burner On Tuesday

We've had tremendous interest in our little Blue America contest that Crooks & Liars and our blogging partners at Firedoglake, Digby and DownWith

Please Vote In Our Blue America “Red to Blue” Contest

Saturday morning Crooks & Liars joined with our partners at FDL, Digby's Hullabaloo and DownWithTyranny to announce a week-long competition amon

Blue America is