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One Week From Today: Super Tuesday… For Progressives

Next Tuesday, June 5th, is primary day in several states, including three where we have critical contests pitting progressive, dynamic leaders against, at best, garden variety Democrats. In California, two races stand out above and beyond all

It Wasn’t All Gloom And Doom Out Of North Carolina Last Week– Patsy Keever Won

As you know by now, we had some sad news out of North Carolina on Tuesday, the approval of the homophobic Amendment One. We did, however, have one powerful victory that night too. In the Democratic primary, one district, NC-10, voted

Blue America Welcomes Wayne Powell (D-VA)– And Do I Ever Have A Headline For You!

On November 7, 2012, the headline on the top of the New York Times will read, "Obama Reelected to Second Term. Democrats Retake House of Representatives, Hold Senate."

And right below that:

"Majority Leader Eric Cantor Defeated."


The Koch Brothers Give Candidates Millions… But We Have Guitars

Yesterday we ended our Barenaked Ladies guitar giveaway. In the end, 403 donors gave $13,790, most of it to progressive activists and congressional candidates Norman Solomon (CA-2) and David Gill (IL-13). The average contribution was $34.20 and

Time For Carol Shea-Porter To Get Back Into Congress

Today our old friend, former Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter (D-NH), will be joining us here in the comments section for a live blogging session at at 2pm (ET). Carol's unlikely grassroots victory in 2006 over a Rahm Emanuel corporate Democrat

Blue America Welcomes Patsy Keever (D-NC)

Maybe you heard that Rush Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn, is so embarrassed and so angry at him that she's threatening divorce if he doesn't stop demonizing, objectifying and insulting women. Well, the newest Blue America endorsee, North Carolina

Blue America Welcomes Dr. Lee Rogers (D-CA)

In the last few weeks Dr. Lee Rogers has been talking a lot with us about ending the occupation of Afghanistan, ending the use of bodyscanners by the TSA and about ending the occupation of American politics by the 1%. But what first drew our

Blue America Welcomes Rob Zerban

There is no congressional race anywhere in the country more important than Rob Zerban's challenge to Wall Street's favorite politician, Paul Ryan. They look at Ryan and they see the perfect sieve for their entire one-percent anti-democratic

Blue America Welcomes Joe Miklosi (D-CO)– Blue Collar Fighting Spirit

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.- Jesus Christ from Matthew 19;24
Watch that video above of Colorado state Rep Joe Miklosi

Blue America Welcomes Back Brad Miller (D-NC)

We had been planning to spend our Blue America session today talking with an old friend, Alan Grayson, but Alan suggested we move his date back and talk with another old friend, North Carolina Congressman Brad Miller. Blue America isn't looking

Blue America Welcomes Back An Old Friend– Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH)

There weren't many progressives who got dragged under in the Tea Party tsunami-- or more appropriately, in the stay-at-home malaise from the Democratic base that practically wiped the GOP-leaning Blue Dogs off the map. But several of Blue

Blue America Welcomes Our Old Friend Regina Thomas (GA-12)

History will remember this week as the one in which a tremendous stride was made down the road towards universal healthcare. But reactionary Georgia

Blue America is