Netroots Challenge Dems’ Electoral Strategy

The Nation:

The Mark Foley scandal has given Democrats a huge edge in the midterm elections–almost twenty points in recent national polls–but can they turn it into a Congressional majority? Several long-shot House challengers are now viable, but they are in the very districts that have been neglected by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which focuses on a short list of races with better odds.

[..]Since the 2004 election, top bloggers have been urging the House Democrats' re-election committee to go on the offense in places traditionally deserted by the national party, to fund more long-shot challengers and to recruit candidates in every district. [..]Bloggers respon[se to the Democratic Party is] that an aggressive national Congressional approach has both immediate and long-term benefits. These include forcing Republican incumbents to play defense, developing support and infrastructure in parts of the country Democrats had surrendered and insuring there are always candidates ready to exploit political developments.
The suggestions are not falling on deaf ears. Read on…


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