Jerry Nadler Chatting at FDL

nadler.jpg Howie Klein:

(W)e have Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) coming to do a Blue America chat at FDL and I spent over an hour with him on the phone today getting prepared. What a brilliant guy! Something he talked about though just struck me, which is that the Bush conservatives and the Norquist gang hate and distrust government and when they undermine it with all these scandals and outrages that look like incompetence… well, at the very least they have the satisfaction of knowing they're turning people away from the concept of collective social action (i.e.- government). They really do want to wreck it– and that's the one thing the Bush Regime has been able to do. As Congressman Nadler pointed out to me, half their high level appointees at the regulatory agencies are lobbyists from regulated industries who are dead set against regulation. I thought immediately of all the dead pets thanks to the FDA's failings, not to mention FEMA's role in making the Katrina aftermath far worse than it had to be. The Congressman pointed out the EPA and how Bush Regime political hacks overruled professional scientists whose research findings on climate change differed from the Party Line. Anyway, tomorrow at 11am (ET), come and heard Congressman Nadler talk about some of these stuff from his very unique perspective;"


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