Help Leslie Byrne defeat Bush Dog Gerry Connolly

A week from Tuesday (June 10) Virginia holds its primaries and the one we’re watching most closely is between the progressive Blue America-endorsed Leslie Byrne and a reactionary Joe Lieberman/Zell Miller-type Insider, Gerry Connolly, who worked for a major war profiteer firm, a story I broke at DownWithTyranny a few days ago. Friday, it hit the Washington Post and suddenly the Blue America donations for Leslie Byrne have gone through the roof.

We’re in the middle of a contest with Air America and to vote which candidate gets an Air America check, all you have to do is add one penny to your donation on our Blue America page. Leslie and Gerry Connolly are in a neck and neck race that will go right down to the wire. It’s a case of “More Democrats” or “More and Better Democrats.” Connolly is far from better. He’s trying to pose as a progressive but his record conforms to the worst stereotypes of the corporate Democrat and threatens to cost the party a long-awaited takeover. Connolly has been mired in questions about his employment with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), one of the worst of the major defense contractors, his cozy relationship with business developers and his general affinity for what most of us would call pay to play politics.


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