Blue America’s Build-a-“Beat Boehner” Billboard Contest is Rocking

Our new Beat Boehner campaign which is highlighted by our push to buy as many as three billboards in Boehner’s district has been doing incredibly well. Both the AFL-CIO and PFAW have been ecstatic at the results so far and are helping to fund this endeavor along with you. And you know, Boehner will hate this. He’ll have to see these whenever he goes home, but more importantly, he’ll also know that residents in his district will be seeing it every single day because they aren’t either in DC sprouting off nonsense like defending K Street’s wish to get rid of any type of regulation or out golfing all day long.

Here are all six billboards. Each graphic is a live link to its respective fundraising page. So just click on the one you like best and… vote. Which one receives the most donations goes up first. If we raise enough money, then we’ll have a few running at the same time.







Digby writes:

We’ve been getting an amazing response, far exceeding our expectations. We may just be able to keep the billboards up until the election.

Reminder: You can vote by clicking on the image below you like best. We’ll choose the billboard design that gets the most “votes”– a vote being defined as a contribution, regardless of amount. (In other words, whether you give $1.00 or $100, it’s one vote.)

Each billboard is a live link to its respective fundraising page. Click on the one you like best and vote for it.

Howie Klein writes:

Now the good news: our friends at the AFL-CIO and People For the American Way Voters Alliance are big fans of Justin Coussoule, the progressive Democrat running against Boehner, and each is offering to match whatever you donate on this page. So… give $10 and the billboard fund winds up with $30. How’s that for a deal? If you want to read more about Justin, we did a live blogging session with him at Crooks and Liars back in April.

And how did we come up with this idea?

Blue America was inspired by Boehner’s golfing prowess and suggestions by Congressmen Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Alan Grayson (D-FL) to get a golfing billboard up in southwest Ohio to remind voters there what Boehner does with his time.


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