PLEDGE TO AMERICA’S BILLIONAIRES: Rove, Murdoch, Koch Brothers Recite the GOP’s Pledge!!!

Remember Grade School? Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? And playing fun games like “Where’s Waldo”?

Well, the Republicans in Congress have a new Pledge – the Pledge to America. Unlike the patriotism in the Pledge of Allegiance, it sees an America with less liberty and Justice for All. Click to hear the new pledge.

Oh, and the Where’s Waldo part – see if you can spot, in addition to John “Jersey Shore” Boehner, Michele Bachmann and Virginia Foxx, the REAL forces behind the Pledge – Karl Rove, FOX Daddy Rupert Murdoch, Tea Party bankroller/billionaire Charles Koch, and Tom Donohue, Capo of the U.S. Chamber of Outsourcing & Climate Change Denial (some mistakenly call it the U.S. Chamber of Commerce).


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