How We Make the Wisconsin Recall A Success

Dear Fellow Activist,

“All Hands On Deck!” in Wisconsin.

There is a battle in Wisconsin that we all need to help win. That’s why Blue America has a new Wisconsin Recall page and why we’ve invited state Senator Chris Larson and Senate candidate Sandy Pasch onto Crooks and Liars for a live chat this Monday (2pm, CT).

As you probably remember, earlier this year the extreme Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, pushed through a radical attack on basic labor rights. His plan to strip workers of the right to bargain collectively for protections against unfair treatment and unsafe worker conditions was one of the greatest assaults on working families in the last half century.

Now he’s pushing a radical, destructive agenda that guts priorities like education, health care and help for seniors while giving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to huge corporations.

These elections matter far beyond the borders of Wisconsin. The Walker agenda is being duplicated in state after state by the extreme Republicans who swept into power in last November’s elections. This fight for rights and the basic values we all hold dear will reverberate across the nation, impacting elections in every region of the country.

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A prime example of the Wisconsin recall elections is in the 8th Senate District. Over the course of a few months, more than 30,000 residents signed petitions to recall Walker-ally and friend of special interest, State Senator Alberta Darling. Darling is a 19- year Republican incumbent who has embraced the extreme conservative agenda. From slashing money for women’s health care, to raising taxes on seniors and the working poor while giving tax breaks to big corporations, to gutting money for our school, to making it easier to carry a concealed gun into days cares, malls and bars, Darling is a prime symbol of why we need to win these recall elections.

Democrats need just three net victories to take control of the state Senate and create a firewall against the reckless Walker agenda. Winning Darling’s seat will be a critical part of that equation. She is vulnerable. Polling shows she can be beaten, and even her Republican allies in the Senate have said to the press she is in trouble.

Luckily, we have a true progressive who will take on Alberta Darling, stand up to Scott Walker and put our shared values first. That leader is Sandy Pasch. Sandy is a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, born and raised in Milwaukee, and has over 30 years of experience as a clinical nurse and educator. She has dedicated her life to helping others and we need her now more than ever win back the Wisconsin State Senate and stop Walker’s assault on Wisconsin’s working families.

On May 31st, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board validated the recall petition signatures, triggering a special election on July 12th in the 8th Senate District. Senator Darling won her last election by only 1,007 votes, making her a top target for a Democratic comeback. Sandy is the candidate who can take on Alberta Darling and win.

But to win, we need your help.

Winning these recalls will not just help protect Wisconsin– it will send a signal to the entire country that we will stand up to extreme, divisive agendas that hurt our values and threaten the priorities we know are so important. Help us today, and this summer in Wisconsin will be the first step in our national efforts to stand for the ideals we believe in.

Thank you for doing what you can,
Digby, John, Howie and the Blue America Team


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