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There Is No Way To Pass ANY Progressive Legislation While The Filibuster Exists

Don't let your eyes glaze over when someone starts talking about reforming-- or abolishing-- the filibuster. Not doing so, means nothing we want to see passed through Congress w...

Senate Endorsement Alert: Wisconsin!

Last week Chris Larson, the most progressive state Senator in Wisconsin, the most gerrymandered state in the nation, announced his campaign against the worst sitting U.S. Sena...

Randy Bryce Won Tuesday– Now The Hard Part Begins

Last Tuesday was a Very Good Day for Democrats, including Progressives.

What Does A Win Look Like? Taste Like? Smell Like?

This is a very exciting time for progressive candidates all over the country.

Building A Democratic Leadership Bench– In Wisconsin

Rebuilding the Democratic party from the ground up— starting at ground zero for conservative skullduggery, Wisconsin.

Blue America Welcomes Wisconsin Heroes Sandy Pasch And Chris Larson

You'd have to be living under a rock not to know there's a battle in Wisconsin that's crucial for the whole progressive movement and for the future of our country. That's why Blue America started a new Wisconsin Recall page and it's why we've

How We Make the Wisconsin Recall A Success

Dear Fellow Activist,

"All Hands On Deck!" in Wisconsin.

There is a battle in Wisconsin that we all need to help win. That's why Blue America has a new Wisconsin Recall page and why we've invited state Senator Chris Larson and Senate candidate

Blue America is