Don’t Let Their Corruption Kill Off Our Champions

As you know, the DCCC has a rule about primaries. It was promulgated by Cheri Bustos and Nancy Pelosi: any political operative who works against an incumbent Democrat is cut off from the DCCC campaign cash flow and ostracized by the Democratic Party establishment. The #DCCCBlacklist has had a chilling effect on progressives challenging crooked conservatives across the country.

Although Marie Newman won her race against Blue Dog Dan Lipinski, she was the only progressive to win in Illinois and another high profile primary race, saw right-wing fake Democrat Henry Cuellar, heavily backed by the DCCC, beat back a challenge by progressive Jessica Cisneros.

The DCCC has interfered against progressive candidates challenging corrupt political boss Gregory Meeks in Queens, anti-working class Blue Dog Kurt Schrader in Oregon, “ex”-Republican-turned Blue Dog Tom O’Halleran in Arizona, and against a whole slew of Wall Street backed New Dems.

But you know when the DCCC, suspends their rule? When establishment candidates challenge progressive incumbents.

They haven’t raised a finger to help defend Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis or Rashida Tlaib in Detroit and now that Wall Street has declared war on AOC, the DCCC, Pelosi and Cheri Bustos are uncharacteristically silent.

Andrew Cuomo’s chief political operative, Maggie Moran, is one of the chief point-persons in the jihad against AOC. Moran is helping conservative Republican– currently pretending to be a conservative Democrat– Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, raise money and find staffers for the primary. In her 2010 book, Caruso-Cabrera advocated several Republican positions, including ending both Social Security and Medicare which she wrote are “pyramid Schemes.”

Goal ThermometerDo Pelosi and Bustos want to see garbage like that replace AOC in Congress? Caruso-Cabrera has already raised a million dollars from Wall Street titans– including billionaire Republicans– and Moran has helped her set up a dark money super PAC for what they are planning to make into a ten million dollar attack machine to smear AOC. The Chamber of Commerce, which is virtually an arm of the Republican Party, has endorsed Caruso-Cabrera, and is helping Moran solicit Republican money for the campaign.

Blue America endorsed AOC– as well as Rashida and Ilhan– in 2018 and we have watched them surpass other freshmen and take leadership roles in Congress on behalf of working class families. This may make the DCCC uncomfortable but we’re asking you to go tap the Blue America Worthy Incumbents Act Blue thermometer above and contribute what you can to these 3 very worthwhile women.


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