This Super Progressive CA District Deserves a Super Heroine

This past week Howie used his usual “Thursdays with Howie” segment on the Nicole Sandler Show to help Maebe A Girl boost her “Super Progressive” message.

I’m with Howie– also frustrated that her campaign isn’t getting the kind of support from “Big Name” national progressives that other Blue America candidates have enjoyed. He previously reported that ‘outside the district they’re not taking Maebe seriously…

One look at Thursday’s interview may change their minds.

Maebe has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Now in her third two-year term on the Silverlake neighborhood council, Maebe is the most tenured person on it and serves as treasurer. 

Reminder: CA-30 is one of the most progressive districts in the country. Last cycle Maebe got over 60K votes in a crowded primary. This achievement earned her the right to run in the general— against veteran incumbent Adam Schiff, who is absolutely revered and beloved in this district. 

This cycle, the race will have at least 19-20 candidates running for the open seat. If she can get those same 60,968 voters to come out for her, she will be the next Congressional Representative of CA-30. We must try to help in any way we can.

During the interview Howie spoke passionately about the importance of sending Maebe to Congress.

He said, “At this point, when Congress is is spending so much time and energy trying to make laws about Trans people, it’s really, really important that we have an actual Trans person as a member of congress. 

And, at that point you (Maebe) will be speaking for a whole community in this country. There are tons and tons of Trans people, but Trans people don’t have their own congressional district. Trans people are scattered through every single state in this country, and desperately need somebody in congress, it’s Desperate that they need someone in congress— NOW!  

So it’s really really really important for anyone listening to help Maebe get elected. Even if it’s just five or ten dollars, it’s really, really crucial to that we get Maebe elected to congress. 

After you watch her interview, I’ll bet you’ll agree!

Then, if you are able, consider donating what/if you can to help amplify Maebe A Girl’s message.  If you can’t, that’s ok. Why not volunteer for her campaign? As Howie explained so well in the video, we need fighters like her RIGHT NOW in congress.  

If you still need a nudge, check out the policies she’ll be championing when she gets there:

As Howie has explained before, while the other candidates who ‘claim the progressive lane’ may say the right things, 

Maebe shows up to do the actual work for change; no one else does.

Thanks for always doing what you can to help make this a better world,

Jacquie, for the entire Blue America team


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