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Want To Help Patsy Keever Get An Ad Up On TV?

Want To Help Patsy Keever Get An Ad Up On TV?

One Week From Today: Super Tuesday… For Progressives

Next Tuesday, June 5th, is primary day in several states, including three where we have critical contests pitting progressive, dynamic leaders against, at best, garden variety Democrats. In California, two races stand out above and beyond all

Blue America Welcomes Dr. Lee Rogers (D-CA)

In the last few weeks Dr. Lee Rogers has been talking a lot with us about ending the occupation of Afghanistan, ending the use of bodyscanners by the TSA and about ending the occupation of American politics by the 1%. But what first drew our

Let’s Have A Great Blue America 2012

I bet you're getting inundated with letters from candidates begging you to meet their phony, basically meaningless deadlines. Blue America is going to ramp up soon with new progressive candidates-- some who we already know, like Darcy Burner

SpongeBob Square Pants Blue America Contest

Today Blue America wants to give away a thank you gift to one lucky, random donor-- a rare autographed promo picture of SpongeBob SquarePants-- the one up top-- signed by Tom Kenny, the voice of the superstar TV character. As you probably know by now, it's another end-of-the-quarter mad dash for contributions in DC.

Dems Desperate to Hold Senate Majority– Let’s Build A PROGRESSIVE Majority! Support Sanders & Warren

DSCC just sent this: "We only have 6 hours left until our Aug. FEC deadline" Here's Blue America's response: BERNIE & ELIZABETH! http://is.gd/Za7GR6

Blue America’s Donation Contest: Win an autographed Green Day Guitar for supporting Ilya Sheyman

We've always felt that supporting progressive candidates is the way to go in any election and if you're experiencing any debt ceiling blues, Blue America is auctioning off a stratocaster guitar signed by the entire Green Day band.


Live Chat: Blue America PAC Welcomes Norman Solomon (D-CA)

Live Chat: Blue America PAC Welcomes Norman Solomon (D-CA)

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