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Reclaiming May Day #Solidarity2022

May Day has more than one meaning. The origin is an ancient festival marking the first day of summer in some cultures and a spring holiday in others. But in 1889 May Day was c...

Endorsement Alert: Meet Joaquín Vázquez

California's 51st congressional district-- now CA-52-- is the very southwest corner of the continental U.S., in the San Diego area and along the Mexican border all the way to Ar...

Progressives Don’t Write-Off Any Groups Of People

Last month, when I asked him about the morass the Democrats find themselves in rural areas like his, he told me that

"Our party needs to decide to invest in rural and small to...

An Ideal Congressional Candidate: Meet Dave Segal From Providence

Unlike most candidates, Digby, John and I have known David Segal for over a decade. We met him when he was a Rhode Island state legislator.

What impresses us about David is th...

New Candidate Alert For Oregon’s New District– Meet Matt West

Our old friend, former congressional candidate Mark Gamba, introduced me to Matt West, the progressive candidate running in the new 6th district, which includes Mark's home. The...

Darcy Burner finally succumbs to media hit job

[media id=6742]

I'm too distraught to write about this.

So go read Jesse Wendel. He pretty much sums it up: This was a media hit job.

It wasn't jus

Darcy Burner: Still in the media’s Twilight Zone

[media id=6742]

I went to Darcy Burner's post-election party in Bellevue last night, and chatted with her as we watched the results come trickling in

Mean Jean Schmidt Breaks Pledge To Keep Campaign Positive

I don't know how to tell you this, Jean, but craven Republicans desperate to hold on to their seats cut and run from their word, patriots never do. Do

Darcy Burner fights the Republican smear machine

Darcy Burner is fighting back against Dave Reichert's last-minute smear campaign accusing Darcy of fluffing her academic record -- even though Reich

Dave Reichert: Another lying Republican hypocrite exposed — no thanks to the media

It stands to reason that Darcy Burner's opponent, Republican Rep. Dave Reichert of Washington's 8th District, would be getting desperate about now.

Help Blue America Get Alan Grayson’s New Ad On The Air

Alan Grayson is one of the sharpest and most progressive Democrats running for Congress in any district. He was the very first Blue America endorsemen

Be A Crooks & Liars Political Consultant

This weekend Blue America, along with our partners at SaysMe.TV, launched an innovative new way for grassroots activists to participate in the polit

Blue America is