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Open Thread

h/t QueerVisalia. Happy Darwin Day, by the way... Open Thread below...

John Amato: Donna Edwards routs BushDog Al Wynn!...She's one of our Blue Ame

PBS covers Donna Edwards and our More and Better Democrats campaign

[media id=3960] [media id=3961] (h/t Heather)

PBS' NOW highlighted our efforts (Mo Better Democrats!) to send a very important message to the Bush

Mo’ Better Democrats: Donna Edwards endorsed by Maryland Progressives and The Sierra Club!

Our Blue America and netroots fundraising campaign for Donna Edwards is rocking and so is she!

Howie Klein:

"This is a great week for Blue America-e

Mo Better Dems: Donna Edwards Update: Color of Change

We're doing very well with our Blue America fundraising campaign for Donna Edwards against the Bush Dog Al Wynn. 832 donors and $31,858 for Donna si

Blue America is