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The 70 Somewhat Competitive House Seats

There are 435 congressional districts. Most of them are safe seats for one party or the other. In fact I’m only seeing 70 districts where there’s any electora...

Instant Upgrade To Congress Within Grasp

Promising poll numbers and proven grassroots organizational skills make this race a very good investment.

Blue America’s Alan Grayson Wins Florida Primary

Congratulations, Alan! Great news from a great progressive candidate.

Down With Tyranny:

(Tuesday) Florida had its congressional primaries and with

Jean Schmidt Is A Lying B****!

Well, duh. But this time, it's one of her fellow Republicans talking her down.


Every now and then we like to check in on the latest antics su

Blue America: Holding Rahm Emanuel Accountable: UPDATED

(The Accountability Moment) Updated: Here's some pics from ICIRR folks that have joined Blue America. And here is an audio report from Chicago Publi

Susan Collins needs to apologize!

Collins has a very troubling man---Director of Internet Strategy, Lance Dutson running her operation. Jamie highlighted his post here...FDL responded

I’m leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm flying to DC Sunday morning to go to CNN's Blogger Party on Election night. I haven't been able to fly in a year and a half so I'm

Blue America is