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Fighting The Right Wing Since 2006

Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny, Digby of Hullabaloo, John Amato of Crooks and Liars, (and me) Jacquie-- who was fired up  to join this passionate, creative team and b...

Blue America Ad Campaign For Lucas Kunce Starts Today

Starting today, Blue America is running a series of 4 independent Facebook and Instagram ads across Missouri on behalf of Lucas’ campaign. (He doesn’t know.) 


Matt Cartwright Is A Strong Progressive In A District Trump Won. They’re coming for him hard this time.

In 2012, Matt Cartwright waged a strong primary campaign against reactionary Blue Dog Tim Holden (one of the "Democrats" who joined with the GOP to vote against ObamaCare). Hoye...

We’re gonna need a bigger Squad.

If you were able to take in Attorney General Bill Barr's House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing last week you no doubt noticed that some of the Democratic questioners were ...

Candidate Mike Siegel Is Already Working For TX-10 Constituents

Some candidates-- whether incumbents or challengers-- are faring better than others during this pandemic. Candidates who have grown proficient on social media have vibrant campa...

History Will Remember The Voices of Resistance

One Step Activism: #ShowTheFuckUp = It's working!

Why It’s Not All Gloom And Doom Around Here

Yes, the Democratic Establishment dragged us into another loss, but there is some very good news out of the 2016 election cycle (and before!)

We CAN Have A Better Congress– And We Need To

We need a political revolution in Congress as much as we need it in the White House! Here's where to start:

You’re Invited To Tonight’s Free Online Progressive Summit

Sister Giant, Blue America and Marianne Williamson host three weeks of free online progressive organizing for a much better Congress tonight. You're invited.

What Does A Win Look Like? Taste Like? Smell Like?

This is a very exciting time for progressive candidates all over the country.

Blue America is