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It Will Be Fantastic To Have Donna Edwards Back In Congress

The narrator doesn't mention anything about Ivey being a corporate lawyer; just that "He made things better for us. He’s a doer." Then Ivey's voice: "You pay too much for gas,...

Time To Trade Steny Hoyer In– Meet McKayla Wilkes

McKayla Wilkes was a great candidate in 2020 and she's better now.

Basically, her courageous race against Steny Hoyer was an opportunity to introduce herself to the res...

Wall St. Hopes You Won’t Give to Donna Edwards’ Money Bomb

Donna Edwards is one of Blue America's best. Now she's running for Maryland's open Senate seat. Schumer and Van Hollen have lined up the Financial Sector, so Donna is counting on us to get her there. We can do it!

We CAN Have A Better Congress– And We Need To

We need a political revolution in Congress as much as we need it in the White House! Here's where to start:

Women Have Come A Long Way– Still Plenty Of Work to Be Done

When Barb Mikulski was elected, there were 2 women in the Senate. Today, just 20. For this reason and many others, Donna Edwards is the very best choice to be the next Senator from Maryland.

Making Marijuana Legalization Part Of The Progressive Agenda

Imagine life with a progressive income tax system, a $16.70 an hour minimum wage, paid sick days, universal pre-k, and legalized marijuana. Help elect Heather Mizeur to make it happen.

C&L Welcomes Blogger Judd Legum, Running For The Maryland General Assembly

Judd was one of the first bloggers whose work I admired when I discovered there were actually other political bloggers. A few weeks ago he told me h

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