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Why It’s Not All Gloom And Doom Around Here

Yes, the Democratic Establishment dragged us into another loss, but there is some very good news out of the 2016 election cycle (and before!)

DuWayne Gregory– Ready To Turn Long Island Blue Again

Once again the DCCC is ignoring a prime opportunity to pick up a House seat in a district ripe for a flip -- NY-02. Blue America asks you to step up to make this happen, even if the Establishment won't.

Who Decides Who The Candidate Will Be– Locals Or The DCCC?

The “we don’t get involved in contested primaries” DCCC is doing it again. Help us make them think twice the next time.

Open seat in California–Let’s turn it BLUE!

Big time political pundits are watching CA-25 because they know it's ripe for for a Democratic pickup. Please join us today by contributing to Lee Rogers' campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/blueamerica14

Aside From Steve Israel, Where Does Empty Suit Pete Aguilar Get His Campaign Money?

Steve Israel is an incompetent moron, and Pete Aguilar is a perfect recruit for him. This duo really is good at bad jokes. However, this race is not a joke. It is the top seat ready to flip to a Democrat and a strong progressive (small business owner) Eloise Reyes is giving Republican Funded Loser non-elected Mayor Pete Aguilar a run for his money. Already, she is raising significant funds, from PROGRESSIVES and community members, while young, desperate Pete needs to keep going to gun loving, gay hating, Republicans for help... Let's pitch in to match the thousands Aguilar is getting from corrupt elites by donating $20 to Eloise at the Blue America ActBlue page: https://secure.actblue.com/page/blueamerica14

Time For House Democrats To Find New Leadership

It's time to start thinking about electing a leader of the House Democrats who is NOT a conservative and who is not a pillar of institutionalized Beltway corruption.

FEC Quarter Ends Today; Should You Care?

If you follow Blue America faithfully, you already know that SOME "asks" are worth giving too, a LOT of them aren't. This one is by definition certainly the former! Why? Because "Alan Grayson!"

Blue America is