A C&L Happy New Year

cl_logo1a.gif Happy New Year!!!!

For 2007—I'm going to keep exposing the media smears as best as I can and just echo Duncan's words:

And, I suppose this is as good a time as any for my occasional reminder as we enter the silly season. Ads appearing on this site by candidates are paid ads and do not imply any support or endorsement by me. I actually don't expect to get behind one candidate or another, though that could change, especially if suitcases filled with money appear on my doorstep. I'll try to do my best to avoid at least some of the food fight once it begins, though I'm human and have opinions and happen to write a blog about politics, so I imagine I'll get sucked in at times.

I'll definitely give my opinions about the policies candidates support and the way they try to deliver their message. And, of course, I'll be busy trying to push back against unfair media smears of any of the candidates. But, again, the fact that I praise or defend candidate X does not mean I've joined their team.

Bob Somerby nails the Authenticity narrative perfectly:

Which of the hopefuls is most authentic? We have an answer to that: STFU! If we Democrats have an ounce of sense, we’ll steer the discussion toward serious topics—topics which are less subjective. In the past fifteen years, the public has generally agreed with Dems on the vast range of major issues. For that reason, Republicans wants to talk “authenticity”—and so does your script-reading press corps…read the entire post…

I wanted to say a quick word about the Nielson Report. Digby's kindness to me is outweighed by the outstanding content posted on a daily basis at Hullabaloo….Mickey Kaus, Nicole. Glenn Greenwald and Cliff were kind enough to weigh in as well.,The report topped off an incredible year for the entire liberal blogosphere and our Blue America venture. It shows how engaged it is and will continue to be for '07 and beyond. I have to give a big thank you to all the blogs far and wide that have linked me this post year.

One of the ways I try to give back to the sphere is to have made Mike's Blog Round Up a permanent fixture on C&L. I knew I needed to make a conscious effort to support the many other great voices that share their ideas with us. I think Mike does a terrific job making that happen.

A huge thank you to the C&L site monitors because they calmed down the threads from constant troll attacks and food fights and allow us all to concentrate on posting good content.

I've also been adding some new voices to the site (my doctor wants me to slow down a little bit in January) and I plan on doing a few new things in the months to come—so we'll see where it goes…Be well…


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