Cash Talks: Blue America Rocks!

 Blue America ’08 has been rocking and I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. Please donate if you can, even if it’s 5.00

Kos: “The goal for today, as George W. Bush takes his sorry ass to Seattle to campaign for Rep. Dave Reichert, is a cool 3,000 contributors for Darcy Burner across all of ActBlue.” We’re committed to bringing strong Progressive candidates to the table. It takes time to build, but we’re doing it. As Duncan notes:  

So, yes, demonstrating that the mighty blogs can pull in $100K over a few days for a House candidate – and not just any House candidate – 14 months out from an election is one way to get a bit of respect. And a way to get people to listen to your concerns… and responding to them.

Jane supplies the info:

Burn Bush for Burner — 1,888 donors — $68,110.57

Blue America ‘08 — 186 donors — $5,112.41

Blue Majority — 155 donors — $4,476.65

Eschaton ‘08 Challengers — 75 donors — $3,076.44

By raising as much money as we have so far this early (544,000 in four months in ’06)— we do have a voice in the process and people notice. And it also forces opponents to raise millions to compete.


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