Democracy Now! Speaks With Primary Winner Donna Edwards

(h/t Heather)

Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman speaks to the winner of a hotly contested and closely watched primary challenge for Maryland’s 4th District, Blue America candidate Donna Edwards. And just as important as having a solid, progressive Democrat running, Edwards’ win is a shot across the bow to other Bush Dog Democrats that they should not consider their seats safe because they’re in a blue district.

And I believe that those voices needed to be heard in the Congress by somebody who’s a standup Democrat who represents this congressional district. I think the voters got that message. And, you know, voters have an awful lot of things going on in their minds [inaudible]. We have a troubled economy. We’re facing record foreclosures in our congressional district, just like around the country. And we want somebody who really speaks for real change and who will make a difference in the lives of working people. And those messages came through yesterday.

The full interview and transcripts available at Democracy Now! NOW on PBS focused on the Edwards/Wynn race earlier with their Democrats Divided episode, also available online.


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