Blue America Candidate Alan Grayson’s New Ad for Florida Seat

Hell yeah, that’s the kind of ad all Democrats should be running. Howie has more:

Blue America-endorsed candidate running against garden variety rubber stamp Republican Ric Keller in an Orlando district that has been turning blue. Early balloting started this week for Florida’s primary election and Alan has been the only candidate with a TV ad up– and what a TV ad! If every Democratic candidate had an ad this powerful to run, we wouldn’t be talking about 12-20 House seats; we’d be talking about 30-50. Of course, not every candidate has a story as compelling as Alan’s. [..]

If you’d like to see Alan keep this running, please consider donating to his campaign at the Blue America ActBlue page.

Matt Stoller has more at Open Left: Alan Grayson on Iraq Reckoning: “We’ll Put People in Prison”


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