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As a follow-up to the very successful Blue America House contest two weeks ago, we’re starting a week long Senate competition today. You can vote for the candidate of your choice on our dedicated Blue America contest page and whether you give $1 or $10 or a thousand dollars, it counts as a vote for the candidate (or candidates) or your choice.

Crooks & Liars asked each campaign to submit an ad that could be used with the donations we collect this week. Texas, and especially the Houston area, was struck very hard by Hurricane Ike and the Noriega campaign has essentially diverted all its energy and resources towards the recovery efforts and Rick himself is on Army National Guard duty where he is a Lieutenant Colonel. We had to excuse them from creating an ad in the midst of all the chaos and turmoil there. How about taking a look at each one of the other ads and visualizing helping to put them on TV? And while you’re at it, visualize a U.S. Senate without John Cornyn, Susan Collins, James Inhofe, Gordon Smith, and Ted Stevens.

Andrew Rice:

Mark Begich:

Jeff Merkley:

Tom Allen:


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