Are You Serious About Global Warming?

We Are Too— And So Is Jerrad Christian for OH-12

If you can, please help an actual meteorologist get to congress so we can finally have someone who understands just how URGENT our climate crisis is — and knows how to combat it!

Current incumbent Troy Balderson dropped out of college and went to work for his father’s car business, drove it into bankruptcy and became a career politician, jumping from one office to the other. When Pat Tiberi suddenly resigned in 2018, Balderson narrowly won the Republican primary with 29.2% of the vote.

He’s been a backbencher ever since, making virtually no contribution whatsoever— neither to his district nor in DC. A member of the Science Committee, his record on Global Warming is shocking; last year his League of Conservation score was zero, worse than other Ohio Republicans Mike Turner, David Joyce and Mike Carey, but the same zero as Jim Jordan.

Vote Climate PAC also gave him a zero score for his votes on Global Warming. He represents a sprawling eastern and central Ohio district that was drawn to elect Republicans, although Obama won the district in 2008. The PVI is R+18 across a dozen counties, the biggest population centers being Licking, Fairfield, Muskingum, Delaware, Knox and Athens. It’s worth noting that although Balderson is a knee-jerk anti-Choice politician, Licking, Fairfield, Delaware and Athens counties all voted for the constitutional amendment protecting a woman’s right to an abortion that overwhelmingly passed last year.

He was a proud co-sponsor of the “Right to Life at Conception” bill and under this legislation, a newly-fertilized egg (as is the process for in-vitro fertilization) has the same rights as a 22 year-old adult.

Balderson is stuck in a narrow, brittle right wing ideology that puts him increasingly out of touch with his own constituents. His Democratic opponent in November is Jerrad Christian, who describes himself as “a father, a military veteran, a software engineer, and a small business owner,” and explains his support for Climate initiatives by pointing out that he became a meteorologist and oceanographer in the Navy.

(Left) A younger Jerrad in his Navy dress uniform. (Right) Below deck in his re-fueler uniform. The purple uniform to signify his role as a re-fueler.

“My stint in the US Navy as a meteorologist,” he told us, “provided me with profound insight into climate and its workings. That experience transformed me into a staunch advocate for reducing our nation’s dependence on oil… Climate change is a threat to us all. Our economy, our quality of life, and the future of our shared home is at stake; and we are running out of time. My experience has taught me that the challenges we face are interconnected. Tackling climate change means creating green jobs that can rejuvenate our economy. It means investing in renewable energy sources and leading the world in environmental innovation. But it also means ensuring that no one is left behind in this transition— supporting workers and communities as we shift to a cleaner future.”

Jerrad told us that while growing up in rural Ohio he “witnessed the struggles that many Americans endure. Whether it’s the battle for access to healthcare, the pursuit of a quality education, or simply the quest for a quality job. These struggles are real, and they’ve touched the lives of countless individuals and families, including my own. Being raised in poverty I deeply understand the true cost of living paycheck to paycheck or worse.”

I firmly believe that kindness, empathy, and transparency are the foundations of trust. I will give voice to those who are unjustly forgotten and too often left behind. Our communities and our children deserve strong representation and innovative solutions to our real world issues of climate change, economic disparity, and education. For too long, apathy has eroded the values we hold dear, and the line of what is considered morally just has continued to shift further away. I know that by working together, we can ensure that our freedom endures, and that our children inherit a future filled with promise.

…As a representative in US Congress, I will bring my experience to the forefront every day, advocating for sustainable policies that not only address climate change but also foster economic growth and social equity.

I stand for a government that works for the people, not special interests. A government that values science and truth and is brave enough to take bold actions for the greater good. This is the leadership I promise to bring to Congress with me.

So far this cycle, Christian has raised nearly $100,000, entirely from small donors. To understand Balderson’s reactionary voting record, look no further than the industries financing his campaign. These are the top half dozen:

Please consider contributing what you can to Jerrad’s campaign here or by clicking on the Blue America endorsement meme below.


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