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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club with the Dave Matthews Band

(guest blogged by Howie Klein) 

Jonathan Powers will be our special Blue America guest tomorrow afternoon (2pm, EST) at Firedoglake.

When I intervi

Happy Blogosphere Day

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)

Crooks & Liars hosts ActBlue with Firedoglake and DownWithTyranny. In the past, we've helped raised over half a m

Blue America Talks To Darcy Burner

  Today's Blue America candidate is Darcy Burner from the suburban district just east of Seattle (WA-08). She's joining us for a live blog session at

Blue America Speaks With Donna Edwards

  This afternoon, 2pm EST, Donna Edwards will make her Blue America live debut. She's the best of the best-- a brilliant, energetic, compassionate an

Open Thread

Happy Birthday, ActBlue and Donna Edwards!

Tom Allen Says Thanks For Your Support

Down With Tyranny:

Many bloggers decided to alert the public of the Lieberman/Collins/K Street love triangle, and, at the same time, urge concerned

Blue America Speaks to Rep. Hilda Solis

Down With Tyranny:

There are 16 different congressmembers who represent Los Angeles County and they go right across the political spectrum-- from th

C&L’s Late Nite Music Club with Los Lonely Boys

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)

Hilda Solis is one of the dozen most progressive members of Congress. She represents East L.A. and the burgeoning subu

Holy Joe’s Collins Fundraiser Riling Up The Netroots

(h/t Scarce)Our Blue America response to the fundraiser that Bush's BFF Joe Lieberman held for Susan Collins was simply fantastic. Our Blue America c

Cast a vote against Lieberman’s pernicious politics tonight

Howie Klein at DownWithTyranny tells you how...

Blue America talks to Angie Paccione

Down With Tyranny:

Before we welcome Angie Paccione back to Firedoglake today, I want to ask you to humor me for a moment. The video, below, takes

Blue America talks to Tom Allen

Today's Blue America guest at Firedoglake will be Congressman Tom Allen.

When Howie talked to him a few days ago in preparation for the live blog ses

Blue America is