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Blue America Speaks With Ron Shepston

Blue America has been teaching congressmen and congressional candidates to blog.

Some of them take to it like ducks to water. Brad Miller (D-NC) tel

Blue America Welcomes Mark Pera

Today's Blue America candidate will be Mark Pera, who is taking on one of the worst Bush Dogs in Congress, Illinois' Dan Lipinski. Go by Firedoglake a

MTP: Markos Discusses the Emergence of the Netroots Movement

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DailyKos Founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga explains to guest host David Gregory on Meet The Press why the netroots mo

Blue America Welcomes Russ Warner

  "Everyone" knew Mark Foley was a closet case for years and years before it came out he was making inappropriate impositions on the young male congr

Cast a vote against Lieberman’s pernicious politics tonight

Howie Klein at DownWithTyranny tells you how...

Rolling in the “Mud”

I'm wondering if on his application for TIME, Mudcat, who works for the John Edwards campaign---checked the box marked YES to " attack liberal blogger

Rothenberg Predicts Democratic Senate!

This is huge. Stuart Rothenberg already predicted a Democratic House (34-40 seat gain) but now he's predicting the Senate will go blue too.

Blue America’s John Hall harmonizes With Stephen Colbert

NY Congressional candidate and ActBlue recipient, John Hall, was on the Colbert Report last night to talk about his promising campaign run and to hop

Ned Lamont ad and a little Al

Lieberman borders on racism too:


Sharpton also indulged in a bit of punditry, offering an explanation of the Lieberman camp's tactic.

David Brooks on Lieberman: “Democrats privately despise the netroots”

It's always refreshing to hear a conservative pundit explain the liberal blogosphere to the world. He's another Lieberman supporter who loves to at

NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

NY Times: Lamont Should Be Taken Seriously

The NY Times:

Ned Lamont has already shown that his candidacy should be taken seriously. On May 19, a thi

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

MoveOn supports Ned Lamont

Dear MoveOn member in Connecticut,

"I wanted to share the results from our online primary with you before we tell t

Blue America is