Let’s Call This A “Housewarming Gift”…


How about helping out with a nice, little housewarming gift for Karl Rove?

We just had a great candidate on for Blue America who is running to replace John “Box Turtle” Cornyn as the next Senator of Texas. In case you missed him on Saturday, Rick Noriega had a fantastic chat with everyone at Blue America — and it is well worth a read through the comments to see why Howie is so excited about his candidacy.

So, here’s my idea: What do you say we all chip in a bit to help Rick do just that? And if you have a few extra bucks, feel free to check out our other fine Blue America candidates for the 2008 election. Because, really, a legacy of failure for Rove is a terrible thing to waste, isn’t it? Rove himself said he’s a good fundraising incentive for Democrats who think he’s besmirched the government, and you know how I hate to disappoint Uncle Karl.

As Howie says, we need more and better Democrats in office. This is a great way to give some essential, early seed money support to some of the fantastic candidates we’ve found for Blue America — and to be sure that the candidates running in these districts are true progressives, not sell-outs. Help us change America, one election at a time. Because what better way to celebrate Rove’s legacy than working hard to elect better progressives to Congress so that they can shape the nation’s agenda for years to come?


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