Blue America’s 5$ Day for Jim Himes to oust Chris Shays

Rep. Chris “Blogger Rage” Shays makes no sense, but that’s not surprising. Read this quote and ask me WFT he means:

Shays, R-Conn., said he resents Democratic claims that he flip-flopped on his position from last year. The Democrats’ proposals to withdraw the military in April or fall 2008 are “partisan timelines,” Shays said. “I support having a timeline to get out of Iraq,” Shays said during a news conference at the Norwalk Inn. “What I’m hearing as criticism is because I voted against Democratic motions — then I’m against timelines. Let’s be very clear. I am against partisan Democratic timelines.”

Say, what? This is a seat that we actually have a chance at picking up and I’d love for Blue America to beat Shays total number of donations that he has received for his entire quarter. We need 108 total donors to pass Blogger Rage Shays. Please jump into the 5.00 Day and donate if you can.

We’re in the process of trying to get rid of the Bush Dogs and Himes will get us one step closer to that goal.


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