Blue America Speaks With Randi Scheurer

If you drive north out of Chicago towards Wisconsin you’ll hit the 8th congressional district, currently held by a semi-Democrat. I say “semi-Democrat” because Congresswoman Melissa Bean calls herself a Democrat and votes for the Democratic leadership and helps make the dream of corner offices and close in parking spots a reality for Nancy “Off the Table” Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and Steny Hoyer. Unfortunately, when it comes to core issues, Ms. Bean has a distinct tendency to support the Bush Regime and to tend to the interests of corporate contributors before the interests of her constituents. She’s an official Blue Dog and a Bush Dog her voting record is execrable.

Today Blue America is welcoming Randi Scheurer, a citizen activist– not a professional politician– to Firedoglake for a 2 hour blog session 1pm- 3pm, Central Time (11am- 1pm on the West Coast). Randi is very plainspoken about the issues. When we asked her when troops should start coming home from Iraq, her answer was a firm “tomorrow.” If you don’t have the time to come chat with her at FDL, please consider making a donation to her campaign on our Blue America page.


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