Action Alert: Tell The FCC – Grassroots Donors Count!

Via Public Campaign:

We, the undersigned, have added our names to this letter as online members of Public Campaign, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for and educates the public about comprehensive public financing of elections. We have joined together not in support of one candidate or another, but in defense of the bedrock American principle that all people should have a voice in politics regardless of their ability to make large donations to political candidates.

We believe campaign finance regulations ought to make it easier for small donors to participate and have their voices amplified in the presidential nominating process via matching funds. Draft Opinion 2007-31, before the FEC on Friday, December 14, 2007, does the opposite.

We oppose Draft Advisory Opinion 2007-31 because it would disqualify millions of dollars from tens of thousands of small donors from the presidential matching system only because they were donated through a website called ActBlue. In doing so, this proposed Advisory Opinion would codify an outdated regulation drafted and implemented before the Internet’s political potential was widely understood, let alone what it has become today: a fundraising, organizing, and democratizing force in American politics.

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