Whose Side Is The DCCC On?

photo: AP

Cheri Bustos, the anti-democracy Blue Dog running the DCCC, is determined to make sure no more progressives get into Congress. Currently she is working against the election efforts of 3 progressive Democrats who nearly won— without DCCC help— in 2018: Dana Balter (NY), Kara Eastman (NE) and Mike Siegel (TX). Each of these candidates built a strong two-cycle campaign, something the DCCC has never understood.

Bustos has the DCCC recruiting conservative candidates; like herself; to drain resources and energy out of the Eastman and Siegel campaigns and possibly the Balter campaign as well. In 2018 Balter and Eastman beat DCCC candidates in the primaries, at which time a vindictive DCCC was determined to destroy them.

DCCC operatives; as high up as Hoyer and Pelosi; call institutional Democratic donors and tell them not to “waste” their money on progressive candidates, a little trick that started while Rahm Emanuel; Bustos’ mentor; was chair of the DCCC.

This kind of behavior benefits no one but the Republicans. In fact; for all Bustos’ hysterical screaming that she beat the GOP in her “Trump district,” the NRCC isn’t even running a candidate against her. She’s way too valuable to them just where she is.

Goal Thermometer You have probably been hearing from dozens of candidates yelling about the end of the fundraising quarter and how desperate they are for money. For Blue America, there are no quarters, just the need to help our candidates fund their campaigns.

Please consider helping Kara, Dana and Mike and the other carefully vetted progressives you will find by clicking on the 2020 Blue America congressional thermometer.

These men and women have to not just beat Republicans, they have to beat Cheri Bustos and her snarling Blue Dogs as well, all of whom voted to fund Trump’s concentration camps last week.

Thanks for always doing what you can to make this a better world,

Howie, for the entire Blue America team


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